Everything we do is paid for by us, other donors, and our means-tested residency fees.

Maison Mouton is an a-political venture.

Sponsoring a resident is a hugely fulfilling experience, enabling those who do not have the means to explore their musical and sound engineering skills to realise their full potential.

If you would like to sponsor a residency or making another type of donation, please contact us at

Club Maison Mouton

Maison Mouton is a private residence which is open only to Residents, Members and their Guests.

Members are invited to Maison Mouton occassional private parties throughout the year, kept up to date on what’s going on around the house and can stop by on an ad hoc basis.

Membership fees contribute to the cost of residencies for those who cannot otherwise afford to take part in the project.

If you would like to become a Maison Mouton Member, please contact us at